Nations Of Sanity presents the proposals for making a true change to this world, to really replace the insanity with simple sanity. Like any movement it needs support to realise its potential and attain its goals.
Currently many of the potential ways to support this movement are not available. For example we eventually want to provide a way to officially join this movement and vote for its proposals. So that, assuming we can gain enough numerical support, people can make their vote count in a way that it never has in the political process, by voting for something real.
However, at this time we cannot provide a way for you to register a vote that will definitely count and until we have implemented a way for you to register your support for this movement or any or all of its proposals, that will actually count as a tangible and recognised vote, we will not waste your time with meaningless petitions.

Despite the fact that many of the best ways to support us are not currently available as options to you there are still many ways to support this movement that are currently options.

Spread the word - Share the articles, share the website, share the message and spread the word far and wide. Discuss and debate this with friends and family.
Help bring the ideas presented here into mainstream awareness by doing what you can to expose as many people as you can to the ideas and proposals of the Nations Of Sanity.

Challenge us
- Take the challenge and try to find flaw in what is proposed here.
Whether you wish to dispute the ideas proposed, or the assertions made, challenges are not only welcomed but actively encouraged. Not only are we so certain that our proposed path to revolution is not just the best but in fact the only way to save this world and as such are confident that our ideas can stand up to any and all scrutiny, but in addition to this confidence we want any flaws that may exist to be exposed so that we can address and hopefully solve such problems.
So challenging this movement truly is a genuine way to help.

Donate - There is no denying that donating to this movement will help it grow.
All content is provided for free and the goals of this movement do not include monetary gains. But whether you wish to voluntarily contribute in exchange for the content provided to you or simply support the movement going forward because you believe in our stated goals you can genuinely help this movement with simple donations.
We do not, and will not, charge for any of the content we provide and will not compromise our integrity with advertising and the like. But if, for example, you consider the content worthy of the price of a book and wish to voluntarily contribute towards the content that is already available or if you just wish to support future efforts, any and all donations are gratefully received and will be used to support the work being done here. Eventually we will look to provide more specific donation options, where specific causes will be presented to you so that you can choose specific courses of action you wish to support. But at this time the donations will go to the creator of this movement to support the work being done as a whole.
If you wish to donate then please do so through this link
PayPal link

Join us - Though you cannot at this time join us in an officially recognised capacity or register your vote for this movement or any of its proposals (though we do plan to make such options available to you eventually) you can still join the fight. Whether you have skills that can help (for example editing videos, creating memes and other media, etc.) or whether you wish to represent the ideas of this movement by promoting the proposals and principles of the Nations Of Sanity and engaging in dialogue with others, or any other way you feel you can contribute to this cause, your help in this fight is definitely needed and appreciated.
There are numerous ways to help and you are welcome to contact us if you desire to be part of this movement or help in any way you can but are unsure of how to do this

Represent - Represent the principles of the Nations Of Sanity, represent the Non Aggression Principle, represent the concept of universal and objective morality that makes up the foundation of this movement. If this movement represents what you know to be true then represent that truth to others. Become an ambassador for the Nations Of Sanity and represent this cause and its defining principles as best you can.

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