For virtually all people there is a universal principle that could unite us if only we all turned our attention to it.
Even among people who vehemently oppose each other, there is an unrecognized commonality.

It is one thing to call out the injustices, corruptions, criminality and insanity that blights and rules our world and our societies, but it is quite another to provide a solution to any of it.
In the past, appeals to freedom and opposition to government oppression have been more associated with left wing ideologies than with right wing ideologies, who have been more devoted to protecting institutions of authority. 

Nations Of Sanity = Establish the NAP (Non Aggression Principle) as the law/terms of peace, though a peace agreement. 

I want to give you the what, why and the how that explains what the Nations Of Sanity is, why it is important and how it can achieve its goal.

Imagine we could build an AI (Artificial Intelligence) and, assuming it does not almost instantly destroy us all, we task it with answering various questions (how to cure this, how to solve that etc.).
Imagine this near omnipotent intelligence functions in the way we desire, rather than misinterpreting the nature and spirit of our questions, and has the full ability and desire to answer these questions truthfully and conclusively.
Imagine we ask this AI to tell us how we can have true equal rights.

When it comes to equality that people advocate and fight for, there are 3 basic types.
Equal rights, Equal opportunity and Equal outcome.

It is vitally important to understand each of these and what they entail. 

Equal Rights is so important that it virtually defines what the Nations of Sanity demand and is the desired consequence of what we represent.
Equal Opportunity is a noble virtue we strive to achieve for both our collective benefit and its moral virtue. 
But Equal Outcome is an illogical pursuit that insidiously and with tragic irony conflicts with the other two to the point of being virtually an opposing ideology and pursuit. 

An area that appears to require particular clarification, when speaking about the free society that is proposed/demanded by the Nations Of Sanity, is concerning children. 

People ask if you can sell heroine to a 6 year old in a voluntary (free) society and while the answer to that question is a definite and logically obvious NO, the fact that it is even asked demonstrates the need to explain precisely why you cannot sell heroine to a child. 

The reason why you cannot sell heroine to a child, is the same reason why you cannot have sex with a child, and the same reason why you cannot enter into a legal contract with a child. A child cannot consent. 

After people have grasped what the NAP (Non Aggression Principle) is and understand the basic implications of establishing this principle as law it is not hard to see what of our current society would remain the same and what would change. 
The basic stuff is obvious. Theft, rape, murder, assault (all of which are illegal today) remain illegal under any law that is based on the NAP while drug laws, gambling laws and anything else that violates self ownership would be gone. Taxation would be illegal as would government as a ruling force. 
The principle is clear and how it applies to each situation is pretty clear as well, but some areas may require a little more consideration than others do. 

In the world of Anarchism there still manages to be an ideological divide that bares depressing similarities to the left and right wing divide in standard political ideologies (otherwise known as Statism).
Just like the left and right wing approaches to statism, there is a divide among anarchists that seems to result from an irreconcilable divide in ideology, especially from a matter of economics.

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