Nations Of Sanity = Establish the NAP (Non Aggression Principle) as the law/terms of peace, though a peace agreement. 

NAP (Non Aggression Principle) = The principle that defines crime by whether you are causing harm or loss to another, or threatening or attempting to. 
It is NOT a pacifist principle and allows for the use of force in defence of yourself or others, but it strictly prohibits the initiation of force against peaceful people.

Our peace agreement = A 3 part peace agreement that establishes the NAP as the universal law/terms of peace. 
Part 1 - The Basic Agreement = where we agree to establish the NAP as the universal law, the terms of peace between all people.
Part 2 - Lines In the Sand = Where the black and white of the NAP is agreed and established and limits of tolerance declared. Marking the objective lines separating this universal principle from subjective preferences and ideals.
Part 3 - Rightful Ownership = Establishing Rightful Ownership as property rights requires an understanding of rightful ownership.
All 3 parts simply represent the NAP but just define it more precisely as law/terms of peace, setting the universal standards so we can all know precisely where we stand and where the lines in the sand are drawn.

This peace agreement will be between all good people who choose to unite under it, but the terms will be enforceable to everyone, regardless of their agreement.
Enforcing the NAP is, by definition, an act of defence 

The above is a recipe for world peace. Not a guarantee, but the only theoretical way we can have equal rights and freedom.

But there is more...………….

The above is what we demand. The below is our idea for how best to deal with the implications of and transition to a free society.

What about the implications? How will a voluntary society function? 

With the NAP as the universal law, government can no longer exist as a ruling entity. Ownership of what government previously claimed ownership of would be dispersed evenly among the citizenry, minus that which can be returned to rightful owners, or (where appropriate) returned to unowned status. The NAP would also dictate that the cost of transitioning without harming innocent people take precedent over other reparations.
Citizens will have the option of "cashing out" or continuing to be part of this now voluntary collective, that was once government.

This Voluntary Collective can continue to provide services previously associated with government but will be without the power to rule that governments have previously wielded. This voluntary collective will also inherit already established infrastructure.

While all taxes will cease, as taxation is theft and a violation of the Non Aggression Principle, one tax that can be retained as a voluntary version of it's former self (so no longer a tax) is sales tax.
Unregulated markets will no longer be criminalised, which means using the regulated market will itself be voluntary. Which would make the sales taxes currently applied immediately become a regulation fee (rather than a tax) because it is simply the fee you pay to participate in the regulated market (which you do voluntarily).
This regulation provided and the fees applied will have to be more competitive with regards to the value for money it provides, which is a guard against bureaucracy and corruption in itself, because people will have the choice of using alternatives if the set up becomes unacceptable.

Similar methods can be used with regards to public utilities. Services can be provided to those who can afford to pay, with the profits of such arrangements funding the cost of providing for those who cannot afford it. 
Functioning with the competitive edge of a private business but for the benefit of the people who are both customers and owners and as such are mutually incentivised towards the same goals.

These are just ideas, and it doesn;t have to be this way. Our demand is to have the NAP be the ONLY law we enforce on others, regardless of their agreement. That gives people the freedom to pursue any way of life they wish so long as they do not violate others. Everyone can exercise the same basic freedom under the agreement that we respect everyone else's right to that very freedom.

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