The Sanity agreement is the first, and possibly the most important, goal of the Nations Of Sanity.
It is basically the Non Aggression Principle in the form of an agreement. Like a peace treaty for the entire world.

The Nations Of Sanity proposes, what we believe to be, the only way to truly save the world from the madness that currently engulfs and rules it.
As is mentioned numerous times, it is not proposing any form of utopia based on any specific ideals but rather it proposes a basic agreement for a simple, sane and logical approach to society.

The Nations of Sanity is a movement that is attempting to rally people together under a banner of simple sanity in the hope of saving the world from the criminal insanity that currently engulfs and rules over every nation on this planet. 
The aim is to unite people on a common ground of basic principles, based on a universal morality that most, if not all....

We need a specific plan of action, because even agreeing on our destination is not enough if we do not have a clearly defined way to get there.
So to get the ball rolling in the right direction the Nations of Sanity proposes a specific plan to pursue.

The idea of the Nations of Sanity is to unite people on their most common ground, their most basic and fundamental area of logical agreement.
We are not expecting everyone to agree on all areas of idealistic visions and the nuances in their personal ideology, because people differ too much on such specifics.

As mentioned in the Tax = Theft chapter, the social programs that exist today are not inherently immoral with regards to the services they provide.
The immorality and criminality comes from the way they are funded, with the use of state violence facilitating outright theft.

Tax is theft and a violation of the Non Aggression Principle (NAP). It is really that simple. In fact, tax is worse than person to person petty theft because of the threat of violence that facilitates it. There is a big difference between someone stealing your wallet when you are not looking and someone pulling out a gun to demand it.

The Common Ground

There is a common ground, and I believe that it is this common ground that is the key to real change, to real progress.

The definition of the Non Aggression Principle (NAP) according to Nations of Sanity is basically as it is defined by most sources, with simple clarifications on any areas of potential grey or points subjected to particular scrutiny.
The Non Aggression Principle is defined by its opposition to the initiation of force, but is not limited to physical force or coercion.

There is an important reason why the focus of this movement is on the common ground of basic sanity. A few reasons in fact.
It is partly because we may well need majority support to facilitate our freedom so we need to keep the agreement as agreeable as possible, while still representing genuine change. 

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